What to Bring To Your Intake Appointment


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Yes, strongly encouraged.

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Required Identity documents:
• Drivers License or State IDs for every adult in tax household
• Social Security Cards for every person in tax household
• Proof of Residence for dependents claiming EIC
• Proof of Relationship/Legal Guardianship if not parent of minor listed on tax return


Income documents:
• W-2s
• 1099s
• Proof of jury duty pay
• Proof of alimony you received
• Social Security statement (1099-SSA)
• Dividend and interest statements (1099-DIV and 1099-INT)
• Retirement distributions (1099-R)
• Disability distributions; may be taxable.
• Railroad payments (SSA-1099, RRB-1099, SSA-1042S, RRB-1042S, etc.)
• Co-op or crop insurance payments
• Brokerage statements (1099-B), along with statements showing when you bought and sold your investments.
• K-1 statements reporting profits from partnerships, trusts, and small businesses
• Record of income and expenses for your rental property
• Record of income and expenses for your self-employment
• Any other receipt or document showing any income received


Other tax documents:
• HUD-1 Escrow statement for property you bought or sold
• Summary of moving expenses
• Summary of educational expenses (college tuition/1098-T)
• Summary of your child care, day care, or adult day care expenses
• IRA contributions (traditional, SEP, or rollovers)
• Student loan interest paid (1098-E)


Tax deduction documents:
• Health care expenses (doctors, dentists, health insurance, eye care, medicine)
• Real estate taxes
• Motor vehicle registration
• Mortgage interest paid (1098)
• Gifts to charity
• Last year’s tax preparation fees
• Job-related expenses (union dues, job education, uniforms, etc.)
• Loss of property due to casualty or theft
• Gambling losses

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