Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC’s bill’s clients on a monthly basis.

We make every effort to ensure invoice billing are presented with all relevant details associated to the service/product provided. 

Likewise, WB&T does not issue paper bills. Electronic copies of the customer bill are posted in the E-Invoice system


There is an expectation that all clients understand the billing| invoice process. Invoices All invoices MUST be billed to Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC, not to an individual, and to also include the following additional information, if applicable:

  • 1. The complete name and address of the vendor
  • 2. Invoice Date
  • 3. Invoice Number
  • 4. Purchase Order Number
  • 5. Itemized listing of purchases. 

This should include a description of the merchandise and/or services, unit price, and extended line total.

Vendors may also subscribe to our E-Invoice for invoicing.