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In today’s concept of globalization and technology, the process of doing business has been redefined. The phases involved in the fundamentals of bookkeeping can be overwhelming, and time consuming.

Delegating bookkeeping/accounting or payroll needs to Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC allows one to speed-up business or individual process, and give attention to the important matters – Growth.

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax cost-effective bookkeeping service is available to save time by streamlining financial reports, eliminating hours of frustration, and providing accounting functionality, which gives more time to manage other aspects of business or personal life.

Add strategic value to products or services by substituting the headaches of payroll taxes, over-time wages, workers compensation insurance, and other costs and fees associated with in-house bookkeeping/accounting – with Wells Bookkeeping & Tax

Free yourself and allow WB&T to do the work for you.


What We Do

WB&T provides a wide-ranging, full-charge with experience in all the areas you’d expect of long established bookkeeping services.

We prepare accounts for self-employed businesses, whether sole traders, entrepreneur, proprietors, or partnerships. Of course, we help with taxation, from corporate to personal, and provide business consultations.

As a part of your team, we will gain in-­depth knowledge of your needs to provide you with the most appropriate services to help you accomplish your goals; If your books are in disarray, it will be difficult to understand if you are making a profit or losing money. 


We Offer:




Our Culture

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC has the following policies in place to both protect the integrity of customer service delivery in addition to services and products provided.
The policies are also applicable to contractors.

our policies help guide performance and duties and sets an expectation on how WB&T is to carry out our mission and vision statements.


If you feel that during the course of business, a policy has been compromised, do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Manage Appointments

Making it easy to manage your appointment!

  • Register for an account
  • Select Add New Event from event drop down
  • Fill in the form
  • Select Participants tab and click team (do not choose public access)
  • If not registered, include attendees email in External Participants field
  • Choose repeat and reminders as desired

You are all set!


Our Process

Accounting and Tax practices are a serious matter and decisions to hire professionals internally or externally should not be taken lightly. For that cause, WB&T  has a process for getting services started.

Our process is simple & gives you the opportunity to learn our methods and understand your needs.

 Let’s Get to Work!

Create an Account

All Clients will need to register for an account. This step initiates a verbal contract

between WB&T and YOU.

No worries, you are not locked in! However, this gives us rights to acquire data to continue.

The Team

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax is comprised of a diverse array of talent. We are both delighted and

proud to introduce you to our team members.

Each individual brings unique skills to WB& T and will help us continue to increase our

capacity to provide our clients with innovative solutions and superior customer service delivery.

WB&T Teams

Team Culture

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC takes the team approach in the working environment.

As a team, our firm is passionate about meeting the needs of the people we serve;

focused on improving the lives of our clients by providing quality services, and solutions

that earn their trust while building lifetime relationships.

Call The Team | Text The Team | Video Call | Email: The Team

Whereas we function like a team, each staff member has opportunity to learn, contribute, and improve their specialized skills. Individuals are surrounded by peers who inspire, innovate, motivate and challenge for growth.

The team members here at Wells Bookkeeping & Tax have an entrepreneurial spirit being results-driven with a contagious professional attitude.

Experience Our Culture



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